“What, exactly, is Texture Mill?”

So glad you asked! Texture Mill was born out of a need that I ran into during my 3D modeling career. While modeling was fun and exciting, finding high-quality, free textures on the web was not. I was wasting valuable time hunting for suitable images, only to spend even more valuable time making those images seamless and tile-able for my 3D needs. Frustrated at the effort I was making for sub-par results, my wife Julie and I grabbed a digital camera and started compiling photos we took ourselves. It was tedious, but we snapped pictures of anything and everything we felt would make a good texture!

I took all of our texture photos and edited them to make them seamless and tile-able, meaning they could be duplicated over and over to create a larger texture if need be. We additionally worked with a developer to create an online editor so that users could further manipulate the pictures to fit their specific needs.

And so The Texture Mill was born!

It originally launched in 2013 as a texture database combined with a photo editor. After much trial and error, however, we’ve simplified things quite a bit. Texture Mill now is simply a database of free textures for general use. For those who need a little more pizzaz for their projects, there’s also the option to purchase inexpensive, high-res versions in our shop.

We own the copyrights to each and every image on our site, and we give you full permission to use the textures in any way you need them, provided you don’t just go out and sell them as is. You can edit them or use them as-is. You can apply them to works that you, in turn, sell to others. We simply ask that you not sell the images as textures exactly as you receive them from us. We want everyone to have access to quality, royalty-free textures! For further details, see our EULA.

I’d love to know what you think of Texture Mill and how you’re using it! Drop me a line by filling out the contact page and let me know, or shoot me an email at info@texturemill.com.


Founder Jon Varner